Aircraft Airways cancels 10 domestic flights on Weekend due to ‘operational issues’; flyers stranded

Mumbai: A huge selection of passengers of Jet Airways were left stranded at the town airport following the carrier ccanceled10 local flights from here on Sunday, an air travel source said.

Plane Airways said the plane tickets were canceled from the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj AIRPORT TERMINAL (CSMIA) thanks to “operational issues”. However, the flight source stated it was credited to pilots’ scarcity.

“Jet Airways needed to cancel a few household flights of a day (November 18) due to operational reasons. Guests of the affected flights were duly educated about their trip position via SMS alerts. Relative to regulatory plan, guests have been re-accommodated and or paid out,” the airline said in a declaration.

The airline said it regrets the inconvenience caused to its guests.

Representational image. Reuters
Representational image. Reuters
The airline source said the carrier is not regular in paying salaries to pilots, engineers and senior management for a long time now.

Facing a cash crunch, the Naresh Goyal-controlled private carrier has lost a great number of pilots recently and at times they need to work overtime to replace the shortage, the source said.

“The airline didn’t operate as much as home 10 plane tickets from Mumbai on Weekend as it didn’t have required variety of pilots.

“Because of the abrupt cancellations, passengers who had booked their trip on these plane tickets were still left stranded,” the foundation said.

He said the lack of pilots at the flight has been taking place for months jointly as it hasn’t hired new ones to displace those people who have quit the flight in this era thanks to financial issues.

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