Plane in Australia misses destination after pilot falls asleep

small plane

The incident, classified as a case of “incapacitation”, is being investigated by the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB).

A little plane overshot its destination in Australia by nearly 50 km following its pilot fell asleep in the cockpit, air safety officials said about Tuesday.

The pilot was the only person up to speed the Piper PA-31 aircraft from Devonport to King Island in Tasmania on November 8, the BBC reported.

The incident, classified as a case of “incapacitation”, has been investigated by the Australian Transportation Safety Bureau (ATSB).

Officials have got not said the way the pilot awoke before landing the plane safely.

“Through the cruise, the pilot fell asleep, leading to the aircraft overflying King Island simply by 46 kilometers,” the ATSB said in a declaration.

The ATSB said it could interview the pilot and review operating procedures before releasing a written report next year.

This past year, five people died whenever a plane coming to King Island crashed occasions following takeoff in Melbourne.

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